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Moisson Montreal x Bota Bota

On April 26th, 2023, several members of the Bota Bota family came to lend a hand to another large family, that of Moisson Montréal.

Moisson Montréal is a charitable organization that collects food donations and essential products year-round and then redistributes everything free of charge to community organizations on the Island of Montreal.

Every month, companies and individuals help out this place with a big heart. The help takes shape in three ways: financial donations, product donations and on-site assistance.

Five spa departments were represented that day, offering some members the opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other better. The day thus began, in a light atmosphere, tinged with mutual aid.

After donning steel caps and hairnets, the team was introduced to the workplace dedicated to them. The activity of the day? Packing of frozen vegetables. Several steps make up this activity: filling the bags by hand, closing them, and stamping them, folding boxes, packing the bags of vegetables into boxes, and giving them a final check.

To make this long day of repetitive movements a bit more pleasant, the members of the team took turns separating the tasks, in order to try different stages of production, while supporting each other.

During the lunch offered by Moisson Montréal, the members of Bota Bota shared several memories related to their student jobs, a moment filled with laughter. If the movements of the day could seem monotonous and like those made by employees in their past, the warm atmosphere present that day made everything so much better. 

If well-being at Bota Bota mainly involves taking care of the body and mind, the company strongly believes that well-being is also brought on by helping those in need. The spa has been working with various organizations for several years to give of its time. From the CHUM to the Lighthouse Children and Families, and the Chaînon, and more recently Petites Mains, there have been many opportunities for employees, massage therapists and beauticians on board to lend a hand to different communities.

Thus, at the end of the day, a total of 7 pallets of 882 boxes containing 1764 bags were packed, totalling 2130kg of frozen vegetables. A result of which Bota Bota is proud.

To learn more about Moisson Montréal and how you can help, visite their website.

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