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A Day of Innovation, Wellness and New Experiences


Montreal, November 9, 2023 — Bota Bota hosted a public relations event this Wednesday, November 8. During this event, media, content creators, and partners were invited to strengthen trust bonds, but above all to reflect the organization’s ongoing commitment to the personal development of its passengers.

Moreover, the event served to announce to the general public certain new features implemented by Bota Bota to broaden its range of well-being services.

The new audio accompaniment for the water circuit includes sessions of guided meditations, developed by guides with diverse experiences, who share Bota Bota’s mission of contributing to well-being through their areas of expertise. Thus, it will be possible to hear the voices of: Vanessa DL, author and yoga teacher; Sébastien Zappa, trainer in conscious breathing and cold exposure; and Jessica Mong, massage therapist at Bota Bota. The guided meditations will take place in the River Sauna and the brand new Bota Bota meditation room, located on the 3rd deck of the boat, at 30-minute intervals, in French and English.

Although Bota Bota has always advocated the policy of silence on board and returning to oneself through the abandonment of technology, a need for social reconnection following the pandemic has been felt. This is why low-voice discussions and the use of electronic devices will be exceptionally allowed during the Reconnection Thursdays on November 23 and December 14. Moreover, various activities will be on the agenda to foster connection and exchange among passengers while preserving Bota Bota’s distinctive essence of relaxation.

Starting December 1, Bota Bota will also introduce a new facial treatment with the Babor skincare range. Polaris is a facial treatment combining the effects of cold therapy (or cryotherapy) and sculpting gua sha to give the skin an instant firming, radiance, and reduction of fatigue signs.

Bota Bota is a unique relaxation destination, offering a soothing environment to its passengers, aboard a floating spa moored in the Old Port of Montreal. It offers a complete range of services focused on well-being, combining thermotherapy, massage therapy, and beauty treatments, as well as workshops aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being.


For more information about the event or for any press inquiries, please contact:

Annick Beauchemin, Marketing Director

514 284-0333 #261 

Constance Carpanese, Brand Manager 
514 284-0333 #233 

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