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All prices are before taxes.
*An additional charge applies to certain massage techniques.

If you have received a boarding pass valid for period 1 only (or from Monday to Thursday in low season), you can make a booking during the period 1 dates above at no additional cost. If you want to visit us during another period, you will have to pay for the price difference.

This policy does not apply to gift cards titled Promotional Boarding Pass or Carte d’embarquement promotionnelle, which can only be used during the period stated on the card.

Bathrobe, towel and locker key included. The water circuit is booked for a specific time slot. If this time slot is exceeded, the next one will be automatically charged.

Please note that cell phones and photos are prohibited on board, with the exception of Reconnexion Thursdays. On Thursdays, low-volume converation are allowed on the boat (as well as in the gardens, as usual) and respectful cellphone use will also be permitted.

The access to the spa is reserved for those aged 18 and over, with the exception of Pirates Layover events.