Going to a Spa Alone | Montreal | Bota Bota, spa on a boat

Taking time for yourself

Stop. Contemplate. Breathe.

Alone, in the hot tub facing the Old Port, you take the time to enjoy the sunset. The shadows of the city extend as each ray of sunshine slowly disappears, and the sky, of an impeccable blue intertwines with hues of pink. It has been a beautiful day.

Stop. Contemplate. Breathe.

It’s time to take a step back. Time to heal your body, your mind and your soul. Your muscles slowly loosen and your thoughts unwind while you completely abandon yourself in the floating sauna on the Saint Laurent River.

Stop. Contemplate. Breathe.

Enveloped with soothing thoughts and a renewed feeling of well-being, it is with a new found confidence that you anticipate your week, your month, and year.

Taking time for yourself has never been so beneficial.


Do not miss

  • The sauna on the water
  • The cold bath in the river
  • A 90 minute massage – the Lomi Lomi Nui
  • The Porthole Room
  • A face treatment

Enjoy thermotherapy

Step 1 : Heat

[10 à 20 minutes] The thermal experience starts off in the heat. Contrary to popular beliefs, the water circuit does not start in the hot baths, but rather in the dry sauna or the steam bath. With it’s analgesic properties, the dry sauna helps muscles relax all while relieving muscular pains. Let yourself be enveloped by the heat and evacuate your toxins in a completely natural way. This first step will not only benefit your body but also your mind. The worries of everyday life will evaporate little by little, as small droplets escape from your pores

Step 2 : Cold

[15 to 60 seconds] The second stage of the thermal experience consists of a short dip in the cold bath. If it is too cold for your liking, the showers are also an excellent way to get through this step. For those of you who dread the cold: this stop is the shortest on the list but also the most beneficial to the body. It is a step not to be missed: it accelerates the heartbeat and tightens the pores of the skin. Combined with some heat, the cold not only stimulates senses, but it also promotes the production of white blood cells, relieves aches, all while increasing the production of well-deserved endorphins. Not so bad after all, right?

Step 3 : Relaxation

[20 minutes] The third stage of the water circuit takes place in the relaxation areas. Try them all or pick your favorite from the sun loungers, beanbags or hammocks. From hot to cold, your body has already been through a lot. It is now time to stabilize your heart rate in a quiet and peaceful environment.

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