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Massage therapy

Classic massages

Rediscover relaxation and well-being to its finest.

Therapeutic massage

This massage aims to relieve and reduce an area of ​​tension.

Relaxation massage

This massage, adjusted to your needs, is ideal if you wish to take time for yourself.

Strong Pressure Massage

This massage offers a strong and constant pressure thanks to a global understanding of the body.

Therapeutic Massage with balm

This massage targets specific pain with an added muscle balm.

Relaxation massage with hot oil – Orange Eucalyptus

Added hot oil for complete relaxation.

Swedish massage

This massage aims to dissolve tension while toning and relaxing the body.

Californian massage

This massage is characterized by large, fluid movements and firm pressure. Emotional well-being to its finest.

Lymphatic drainage massage

This massage is a gentle and painless therapeutic massage technique made better the immune system resistance.