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Massage therapy

Discovery massages

Thought of as sensory journeys, they will help you achieve an extraordinary state of relaxation.

Sport massage

This massage helps to maintain muscle tone for athletes.

Deep tissue massage

This massage, performed without oil, relieves chronic muscle tension on one or two parts of the body.

Lomi-Lomi massage

This massage is a sensory experience and a journey within.

Shiatsu massage

This massage uses touch to balance the flow of vital energy, harmonizing your body.

Yoga-Thai massage

This massage is an excellent method to re-establish balance in the body and release energy and increase flexibility.

Thai massage with oil

This massage offers a unique approach based on energy lines and specific pressure points to restore the body’s energy balance.

Hot shell massage

This massage helps relax muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Reflexology massage

This massage is done by applying pressure upon the foot and eliminates stress.