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Cupping Massage

  • If you like to discover massage techniques
  • If you like sports massages
  • If you like to deeply relax your muscles

The cupping massage offered at Bota Bota is an extraordinary experience, perfect for reducing stress and muscle tension.

Using several suction cups, the massage therapist undertakes various motions to activate the local circulation. A negative pressure is thus generated inside the suction cups, creating a decongestion of the tissues and eliminating toxins in the area to be treated.

Certain restrictions apply to this massage. A questionnaire will be given to you at the beginning of your massage.

Since it has a suction effect, cupping could leave marks on the skin. 

All our massages are provided by registered massage therapists and provided with an insurance receipt. Please check with your insurer beforehand if any special conditions must be met for your reimbursement request to be accepted.

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