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Facial Treatments

Facial treatments come in a wide selection, cleansing, exfoliating, massaging and hydrating your face, giving it that special and effortless glow. Whatever your skin type, it is recommended to receive a facial treatment once per season for skin protection and rebalance.

Facial treatments

Compass Rose

This Babor facial prolongs the youth of the cells and stimulates the radiance and freshness of the complexion.
Facial treatments

Man Overboard

This Babor facial promotes vitality and energy, while soothing the irritations of daily shaving.
Facial treatments

Radiant Wave

A facial treatment with peels, masks and creams, from the Doctor Babor Pro range.
Facial treatments

Southern Star

This Éminence facial is designed for mature skin and helps to increase the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
Facial treatments

Northern Star

This Éminence facial, targets the signs of aging and promotes glowing skin, with a peel.
Facial treatments

Queen of the Sea

This Éminence facial comes with a personalized treatment according to your skin type.
Facial treatments

Timeless Mermaid

This Babor facial treatment acts in anti-aging prevention. Innovative, it leaves the skin smooth and radiant.
Exceptional treatments


This moisturizing, soothing and restorative Babor treatment is combined with the benefits of a relaxing foot treatment, with 2 beauticians.