The editor's note: awaken to November | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

The editor's note

The editor’s note: awaken to November

Find the light when it becomes scarce. November invites us to awaken, to search for a new world. Whether in us or in the landscapes around us, it is accompanied by gentleness and clarity.

This month, Bota Bota brings you a reading that adds color to your cheeks and brightens your mind. Discover the benefits of light, and how to find it on grayer days that often accompany this month of transitions. Surrender to movement; exercising, even when it’s cold, is often the best ally against winter gloom. Then, (re)discover Montreal and its surroundings. A nature getaway is the best medicine when mental fog seems to echo the one outside.

Finally, discover the brand new version of the flagship treatment at Bota Bota. The Escape body treatment is getting a new look and is split in two to offer you the best of relaxation. Escape Earth and Escape Sea promise 90 minutes of relaxation off the coast.

Happy reading!