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The legendary Escape body treatment from the Babor range at Bota Bota gets a whole new look. Revisited in two unique 90-minute vegan treatments, Escape Earth and Escape Sea offer you a journey to the heart of the elements. While the first offers shaping virtues, the other performs energizing functions.

Please note that this service requires to lie on your stomach for a long period of time, and might not be suitable for pregnant women.


The treatment begins with a welcoming ritual, using gentle pressure, on the upper body and on the feet. The flow of this caring journey will accompany you through your treatment. The movements performed by your beautician have been perfected to recall the movements of the waves, a captivating and soft choreography.





The scrub is introduced to remove impurities from the skin’s surface, making it smoother and more luminous. It is first done on the back and back of the legs. After rinsing with hot towels, the brushes are used to start dry brushing. The circular motion of the brushes activates the body’s blood and lymphatic circulation. This phase of the treatment activates the body’s immune system. The exfoliation, rinsing and dry brushing are then done on the upper body, stomach, and front of the legs. The scrub, as an exfoliating mixture, is introduced using brushes. This eliminates the impurities on the surface of the skin and makes it smoother and more luminous. The movement of the brushes also activates the blood and lymphatic circulation of the body. This step will be done while first lying on your stomach, then on your back. Once this step is completed, a shower is introduced to remove the last grains on the skin.





The firming body cream, made with glaucine, sunflower and apricot oil, is applied to the entire body before it surrenders to the wrap. The refreshing and energizing body cream, made with red algae extract, grape seed and olive oil is then applied to the entire body, before it surrenders to the wrap.
An ideal technique to invite the body to rest and tranquility.





While the wrap activates the benefits of the cream, a facial treatment with stones is introduced. The aesthetician first focuses on acupressure points before adding the Babor Rejuvenating Facial Oil. Combined with facial massage techniques, the face indulges in complete relaxation. The scalp is then massaged, and cream is added to the face. While the wrap activates the benefits of the cream, a facial treatment using suction cups is introduced. The beautician first focuses on acupressure points before applying the oil and using gentle movements using four different sized suction cups. These are intended to activate the lymphatic drainage of the face. The scalp is then massaged.



Once the wrap is complete, the rest of the body cream is massaged into the skin using enveloping techniques. Then, the final pressure-based maneuvers are introduced and leave body and mind soothed, a sweet conclusion to this gentle journey in calm waters.



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