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Take a one-hour escape every day to be more productive

Nowadays, we move in a fast-paced work environment where people are asked to be constantly productive, with hardly any breaks. However, studies show that taking one hour a day to escape—by taking a walk, relaxing, working out or meditating—increases productivity and clears the mind. Here are a few suggestions to take an escape from your workday.

The water circuit: What better way to escape than going on the river at lunchtime or right after work? Bota Bota’s water circuit is relaxing and invigorating. It’s a complete escape.

Sport: Thinking about nothing else than pushing your own limits is both very healthy and excellent for work productivity.

Meditation: Taking half an hour or an hour off in a closed, quiet room or even just a few minutes at your desk to relax and meditate helps us refocus and become more productive. We especially like this website, http://calm.com/, which allows you to meditate for two or ten minutes directly at your computer!

Give yourself a gift: We believe in the virtues of positive reinforcement! Do you work hard? Treat yourself to a shopping session next to your office or even an express mani/pedi. Taking care of yourself feels so good.

Who would have thought that work and relaxation could go together?

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