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A word from the Captain – Dec 2012

To celebrate the beginning of the cold season, I am pleased to present our latest project at Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau: The Porthole.

After two years of existence, Bota Bota is ready to engage more in your well-being, and the crew is willing to share with you their news, their inspirations and their philosophy for a good living. In this new quarterly magazine, you will find useful information and accessible tips to improve your daily life.

Thanks to the Porthole, we’re hoping to help you make each one of your days an opportunity to put into practice small or big gestures that will make your life more beautiful. Therefore, for each issue, we will be surrounded by collaborators who, we believe, will spark your interest and stimulate you on various themes such as well-being, travelling, gastronomy, and design.

As December is here and freezing months are to come, only one thing is on our minds: hibernating until spring comes. That is why we have prepared a special issue on the well-being at any season and especially during the cold season, which, I hope, will help you embrace winter.

In this issue:

On behalf of the Bota Bota crew, I wish you a festive holiday season and an exceptional year 2013. May the coming year bring you good health, happiness, challenges, and relaxation.

Geneviève Emond

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