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Loving winter by Harricana

The eco-luxury brand Harricana is one of the most successful eco-responsible fashion brands in Quebec. Young fashion designer Mariouche Gagné’s use of recycled noble materials, like silk, wedding gowns and especially fur, makes her creations real works of eco-art. And what makes the signature brand even more typical of Quebec? The designer’s love story with winter. We met with her and talked about the cold season and the importance of choosing the right clothes.

The Porthole: Mariouche, since Harricana was created in 1994, you’ve mostly designed warm clothes. Have you always liked winter?
Mariouche Gagné: Yes I have; I love everything about winter. The light, the smell in the air. With snow muffling sounds, winter has this specific hushed atmosphere that is very different from summer.

TP: To you, what makes recycled fur a must-have in the winter wardrobe?
MG: If you like being outdoors during winter, fur is one of the most insulating materials, and it just looks beautiful. Modern technical clothing is mostly made of plastic and not biodegradable. So I prefer to use fur for most of my clothes.

TP: Do you practice any winter sports?
MG: I do! Almost all of them!

TP:  Is fur part of your wardrobe even when doing winter sports?
MG: Of course! My friends call me “the little bear” when we go on outdoor adventures in winter. I wear fur at least on my boots, mittens and hats. All the more so since I’ve been working with Rossignol on the creation of a line of skiwear.

TP:  Tell us what’s THE clothing secret to fully enjoy winter.
MG: I think the secret is to get real high-quality winter clothes made of natural materials. And of course, move as much as possible!

Harricana items are available online and in several outlets around the country. For more information on the designer and her brand, visit harricana.qc.ca.

Have a warm winter!

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