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Word from the Captain

Word from the Captain: Hear

During the month of April, in this moment frozen between two shores, we celebrate the act of listening, through the sense of hearing.

Listening is certainly the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones: our friends, family members, but also our colleagues, our neighbours, all those people who are usually part of our daily lives. Listening is being open to others, showing interest in them, creating a climate of trust. It is also sometimes the need to be silent in order to be 100% present. Listening can also be applied to ourselves; learn to understand our body, our thoughts, our desires in order to honor them, to the best of our ability, without guilt.

In the Porthole this Spring, you will find 5 meditation capsules to help you relax, an at home guide for a 100% approved facial, in-house activities for your little sailors, tried and approved by our dedicated crew, as well as a fruity mocktail recipe by Rose Simard, to add a fun shake to your end of the day.

On May 10th, we will be celebrating mothers in Quebec with a little more love than usual. From near and far, we invite you to promise them a privileged moment, when Bota Bota will be able to have you all over once again, to enjoy a great escape docked at the port.

Our gift cards are still available on our website botabota.ca. 10% of these sales will be donated to the Fondation du CHUM, in order to continue to make every gesture with heart, from one shore to another.

Happy reading and take care of yourselves!