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At home spa: getting a facial

In order to feel the atmosphere of Bota Bota at home, we suggest creating an ideal moment of relaxation. Why not take the time to apply a facial? These few steps will allow you to feel pampered, without leaving the comfort of your home.
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For the optimization of all products used in the facial, skin cleansing is essential. Start by selecting a cleanser that fits your skin type.

Perfect for sensitive skin, this cleanser does not dry the skin and minimizes the appearance of redness.

A micro-exfoliation at every use, this cleanser reduces the appearance of pores and will offer you an in-depth cleansing.

This cleanser based on monoi oil, a Tahitian oil, will brighten mature skin.

This step is a very important one, since it helps remove any small imperfections from your skin.

The moisturizing rosehip and the exfoliating maize flour make this product one of the team’s favorites.

This exfoliant gently removes impurities from mature skin.

A mask will allow you to deeply nourish your skin and give it all the nutrients it needs.

The strawberry cleans the impurities while the rhubarb heals the skin. Conclusion: regenerated and hydrated skin.

Designed to purify oily skin, this mask is to be used only in the greasy areas of ​​combination skin.

This mask stimulates the regeneration of your skin cells and will bring you a smoother complexion.


Chamomile revitalizes, calms and balances the skin, which makes this product a favorite of the Bota Bota team.

Recommended for mature skin to nourish it as well as for acne-prone skin thanks to antioxidant berries.

We wish you a relaxing time!

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