The editor's note - June, Father's Day | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


The editor’s note – June 2019

The sweet perfume of lilac trees floats through the gardens, the waterfall and the birds sing a soft lullaby, the Old Port finally wakes up from its long spring nap. June.

It’s time to dress yourselves with the sun’s rays and give your body and mind the benefits of the water circuit. It’s time to lovingly cherish your skin with the help of a body treatment, giving you the sensations of a pleasant escape…

You start taking on good habits: by going to work on foot or bike, by adding some green to your drinks, by learning about well-being and slowly stretching your entire body. What a great start to the month!

June is also the month celebrating Fathers. Present, from near and far, it is to them that we owe, in part, our birth. They dried our tears, amused our eyes and nourished our questions. Their advice still follows us today, guiding us on a daily basis.

So, to thank them, we offer them the gift of health, relaxation and well-being. Some time just for them. A moment of happiness, with the sweet scent of lilac trees, nestled in the shadow of the waterfall.

Happy reading!

©Photo: Ève-Marie Bourget