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5 healthy habits

In order to give your best every day, it is important that your body and mind align. That is the reason why we have listed 5 simple and effective wellness habits to insert into your daily life, to maintain a healthy balance, throughout your week.


Green juice recipes can literally be found anywhere. You’ve been known to be a little too generous when it comes to adding kale, giving your drinks an earthy and unpleasant taste, that quickly made you abandon this good habit.

We believe that a green juice should be made in the morning, to start off the day just right, with a great vibe and fruity taste.

Below, our little recipe, which works miracles:

  • Pieces of frozen mangoes
  • Pieces of pineapple
  • Spinach leaves
  • Kale leaves
  • Half an avocado
  • A little maple syrup

You’ve probably noticed it- we didn’t add measures. Create this recipe as you want- the important thing is to love the taste of what you’ve made. Be careful, however, about adding too much kale ?


Those with a profession whose main activity is typing behind a computer screen will know this better than anyone: sitting on a chair for a full day is certainly not ideal. Oxygenating the brain as much as the body is important for our productivity to be at its best.

We suggest that you travel from home to work on foot or by bike to get a good dose of fresh air before starting the work day. And during the day, if time allows, give yourself a little ten-minute break in your day to stretch your legs and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Who knows? This may allow you to finally find the solution to the problem that has been bothering you since the beginning of the week!


When was the last time you opened a book? That’s what we thought … it’s been too long! It sometimes takes a colossal effort to put our phone, computer or tablet aside to indulge in a fictional universe for a few hours. Yet, reading allows the brain to rest and recharge its batteries while giving you a good dose of relaxation.

If you’re lacking in reading material, we have something just for you!  

Join us on July 25th during our 6@8 Chat, presented by Claude Matteau, Archambault librarian who will present a selection of books on well-being.

This event is free and included with the purchase of your water circuit!

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As you can see, we believe that well-being rhymes with exercise. Don’t be scared: exercise does not have to include push ups, weight lifting and an entire iron man. Exercising gently is possible!

Essentrics® is a unique workout technique which rebalances the full body through a series of dynamic stretching and strengthening exercises, leaving with a more flexible and firm body. Toned from head to toe, you will feel the benefits of Essentrics® from the very first session, in a weight-free workout environment.

For more information: www.essentricsstudio.com


Although a body scrub is not necessary every week, it is important to keep it to our routine once a month, especially during the summer season.

It allows to remove dead skin cells but also a better oxygenation of the blood. The little extra in all this? Following an exfoliation, our tan is more beautiful and uniform.

At Bota Bota, we offer several scrubs with, or without, the application of a cream afterwards. Choose between:

Coconut scrub

Blueberry scrub

Apple and pear scrub

Spoil yourself! Your wellness week deserves to end with a relaxing treatment, don’t you think?

 ©Photo: Jad Limcaco

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