What he's taught me: our fathers advice | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


What he’s taught me

Sometimes surprising, often wise, the advice of our fathers still follows us today. The sailors of Bota Bota tell us about the ones they hold dear to their heart.

Geneviève E., General Director

“My father has done more than just help me, he is my partner in the Bota Bota adventure! Partner, councillor, mentor, he teaches and shares so much with me!”

Myriam S., Accounting

“I don’t really recall a particular advice, but rather the moments spent together. Our discussions when washing dishes, or those jokes, that only made us laugh, because he laughed alone while telling them. As a teacher, he had a summer break. He came with us to our summer job to motivate us to pick strawberries and raspberries. He instilled in us the value of recycling. As he came from the land, he already practiced recycling and composting nearly 40 years ago.”

Marianne M., Marketing Assistant

“Most things you worry about never happen anyways.”

Constance C., Content Marketing

“As cliché as it may seem… Anything is possible, really.”

Debora T., Reservation Supervisor

“Everything happens in due time. Everything passes.”

©Photo: Stefan Bookblock