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Being active during winter… and loving it!

By Marie-Ève Bertrand, founder of POP Yoga

The cold season is fast approaching, and for many of us, it means back to cocooning and often, inactivity. Why not “learn” how to appreciate doing outdoor urban activities? Easy!

Here are some suggestions of urban activities this winter:

  • Snowga—new in Montréal. All you need is a wool blanket and warm clothes that won’t restrict your movements.
  • Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the big parks—along the Lachine canal or on the Mount Royal.
  • Nordic walking – Do you want something even more active? How about going for a walk with a loaded backpack or Velcro weights around your ankles or arms?
  • Ice skating or running
  • Sliding – Leave a sledge or a crazy carpet in the trunk of your car. You could come across the perfect slope at any time!

A few rules to be comfy while active:

  • Clothing: The secret lies in layers, spare socks and, if you have any, hot pads to place inside your mittens and/or boots.
  • Hydrating: You don’t fancy cool water during winter? How about some nice and warm spicy tea you can sip all through your activity?
  • Snacking: Remember to bring snack foods like nuts, dried fruit, homemade muffins… Lacking energy during winter is not a pleasant thing when the body needs to fight the cold!

Not quite convinced yet? Here is a short list of almost instant benefits:

  • Feel more vitality thanks to the freshness outside.
  • Fill up with vitamin D—this is the time of the year we lack it the most!
  • Say “yes!” to endorphins—go spend half a day sliding with friends, and I guarantee you will experience all sorts of thrills in addition to burning lots of calories!
  • Contemplate and embrace the silent immersion nature has to offer. Time caught in immaculate and cosy whiteness…
  • Relaxation and deep sleep – There is nothing better than practicing an outdoor activity (ski – yoga – walking – snowshoeing…) and going back to the warmth and cosiness of home, a spa or a welcoming restaurant.

Now you have no excuse not to enjoy our urban winter!

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