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10 tips for daily well-being

Feeling good every day, is that possible? Yes, thanks to these easy tips.

  1. Drinking water: We can’t stress enough how important hydration is to good physical health. Drinking a large glass of water should be the first thing we do in the morning, and we should drink about ten glasses a day.
  2. Moving: It may be walking, yoga, running, or any other sport. Moving your body produces endorphins, a “happy” hormone. And to top it all off, moving keeps you healthy.
  3. Eating breakfast consistently: Inarguably, starting the day off with a good breakfast is essential. It allows us to be more focused and more productive. The best breakfasts are high in proteins and fibre.
  4. Drinking lemon juice: Drinking the juice of half a lemon every morning is an excellent way to clean the liver, especially after a night of partying or during the busy holiday season.
  5. Eating well: Preparing a balanced meal may seem obvious, but few people actually know how to do it. Here’s an easy trick: the meal should be divided so that half of it is made of vegetables, a quarter of proteins and a quarter of carbohydrates. Easy as ABC!
  6. Breathing: Of course, breathing is natural, but people can learn special breathing practices such as holotropic breathwork. Knowing how to breathe right will help us to become more aware of our own bodies and to focus better.
  7. Taking your time: We live in a fast-paced world. Taking time to complete one task, instead of doing everything at once, helps us to be more productive. This has a positive effect on us as we take satisfaction in a job well done.
  8. Resting: We’re not talking about sleep here, but about times during the day when we shut off our mobile phones and computers to focus on ourselves and our loved ones. It is important to keep work away from home and to clear our minds so we can start fresh!
  9. Eliminating the unnecessary: Doing a bit of housework and avoiding superfluous stimuli at home helps eliminate stress. When at home, it is important that the environment be as Zen as possible.
  10. Sleeping well: Sleep is essential to a person’s well-being. Buying a good mattress, opening the bedroom windows, circulating the air as often as possible and avoiding light and noise will contribute to a good night’s sleep. However, try not to oversleep—seven to eight hours a night is recommended.

With these tips, daily well-being is guaranteed!

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