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How to add warmth to an industrial space

Industrial areas are all the rage these days, whether for office use or residential condos. However, these large open plan spaces with their beautiful wooden or concrete beams can come across as a bit cold. We asked designer Lilia Caceres, affiliated with the West Elm store home décor store, which has just opened its doors in Montreal, to give us some tips on how to add warmth to an industrial residential or commercial space. Here is her top 5:

Take full advantage of the large windows in your industrial space to add curtains, which will create a sense of intimacy. The soft fabric will also add warmth. To accentuate the height of your space, hang curtains from floor to ceiling.

Designer tip: Hang curtains along a whole wall, even if that wall doesn’t have any windows on it. The “curtain wall” will add a focal point and a great design element to your space.

Linen Coton Grommet Curtain: Neutral in colour, these curtains add a touch of softness and texture to any decor.

Lighting fixtures
Although daylight is generally abundant in industrial spaces with large windows, complimentary lights are still a necessity. Avoid installing fluorescent fixtures, which give off a cold light. Instead, illuminate your beautiful wooden beams, textured curtains or art pieces with a nice and warm yellow light.

Industrial Chandelier: This fixture has a beautiful vintage industrial look with its metal structure and Victorian bare bulbs. It emanates a warm yellow light and would be a nice addition above any dining table.

By utilising different textures in your space, you will manage to add a pleasant complexity to your decor. To achieve this look, you can overlay the natural textures of wood and metal as well as those less natural of textiles and faux finishes to create a more inviting space.

Emerson Dining Table: this table made from reclaimed wood is ideal to add texture to your space. Its rustic finish accentuates the natural warmth emanating from the wood.

Cushions are the quickest and most economical way to add a touch of colour, texture and/or warmth to your space. These can easily be changed with every changing season, trend or mood.

Designer tip: the rule of three: always choose 3 pillows to avoid symmetry, which can sometimes be cold. Go for a plain pillow, a textured one and one with a pattern.

Embroidered Dot Silk Pillow Cover: These handmade pillows are reversible, giving you the choice of a plain side and a patterned one.

Adding a warm splash of colour is always an effective idea to create a little warmth in your space. A brightly coloured accent wall, sofa, rug, throw or contemporary work of art are all beautifully effective ways of achieving that.

Designer tip: Avoid blue and green tones in your decor those are cold colours, and go for warm colours instead.

Key Wool Dhurrie: this handmade rug incorporates some beautiful neoclassical motifs and adds some warmth with its beautiful shade of yellow, as well as a nice geometric pattern.

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