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Massage therapist Coach portrait: Rosemarie R-C

This portrait is part of a series produced each month, to celebrate the plurality and inclusion that Bota Bota wishes to continue promoting.

“I discovered spas when I was 15, on a winter day. School was closed due to a snowstorm and my mom took us to a spa. It was a surreal day in such a beautiful place. » Remembers Rosemarie R-C, massage therapist at Bota Bota for 4 years. “It was then that I realized that I wanted to work in a place like this when I grew up. “

Originally from Gatineau, it was in 2013 that she saw Bota Bota for the first time. The discreet desire to settle in Montreal began to blossom within her, with the desire to, one day, work in this boat docked in the Old Port.

She first studied to become a beautician before changing directions and turning to massage therapy. She then moved to Montreal, where very quickly and to her great regret, she had her bike stolen. The recent pandemic allowed her, many years later, to buy a new one. “I started getting a lot more into sports,” she says. This is how she cycled from Montreal to Oka during the summer.

Rosemarie is one of the last recruits appointed Massage therapist Coach at Bota Bota, just before the pandemic.

Massage therapist Coaches are on-site referents. They act as beacons to their questioning colleagues. They also have the mandate to take new recruits under their wings in order to explain to them the protocol and the procedures to be followed, and to guide them.

Although this is only the beginning of this portion of her career, Rosemarie has confidence in this new role which she takes on with kindness. “I see this experience as being a big sister. We are a big team, but it remains family. It is also about giving and sharing the passion for spas.”  Being a massage therapist is a special job and she is happy to be able to act as a guide.

Since Bota Bota reopened in June, Rosemarie has been happy to see her colleagues and new passengers. “At first it was strange, this post-confinement atmosphere. But I was happy to come back. I missed everyone; I couldn’t wait to comfort those around me… I felt reconnected with what I loved.”

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