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Employee portrait: Myriam S.

This portrait is part of a series produced each month, to celebrate the plurality and inclusion that Bota Bota wishes to continue promoting.

“I’ve been at Bota Bota for 10 years… time flies!” Exclaims Myriam S., accountant on the boat since its inception.

Her story with numbers started very young. “I’ve always been good at math: logical thinking is simpler than creating”. Writing, which she finds enjoyable, is not enough to fit her needs. She prefers the concentration, brought on by formulas and numbers.

She joins Bota Bota, thirteen years after having worked on rue Saint Paul, a few steps from what would become the site of the legendary boat. As one of the first employees, Myriam is immediately amazed by this unusual place. “I really liked spas, I found it exciting to work for a place that met my values. » She speaks of the Porthole Room with a touch of nostalgia in her voice. She who expected a small boat with a hold for an office was now facing the river in an out of this world place, which would later become the well-being destination for so many passengers.

“This business grows with us,” she explains. “Despite the ups and downs, we remain a united family.” This is what Myriam likes: a caring family business that offers its employees the opportunity to progress over time. “The business is changing and so is my job.”

Like numbers, the element of water is an obvious theme in Myriam’s life. This year, she celebrates the 10th anniversary of her beginnings in diving, just like her 10 years at Bota Bota. A milestone that she notes with humor, highlighting the romance with her instructor at the time.

It is in the St. Lawrence River, in Ontario that she likes to explore, as soon as the opportunity presents itself. As a diligent explorer, Myriam is passionate about places steeped in history and mystery. Buried locks are one of her many underwater adventures. “I prefer a dark and closed environment, a small bubble. I really like this depth effect. I like to find myself where people don’t like to go. The deeper it is, the more soothing and relaxing for me. “

However, diving in the glaciers remains one of her wishes today. “The shiny ice, the clarity of the water … that appeals to me a lot. “

Diving is a way for Myriam to get in touch with herself. The perfect symbiosis of silence and discovery to give time the chance to stand still. “It’s meditation, in tune with nature.” Slowing down the pace we have on earth in order to better appreciate it.

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