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Word from the Captain

A Word From Our Captain: A Breath of Fresh Air for the New Season

Captain Seeking Crew

For many years, Bota Bota has had a strong core: a crew that has been able to sail against all odds, weather storms and take advantage of good winds. Over the years, the team has grown, welcoming new crew members with each passing season.

We continue to look for exceptional sailors. Like many companies, Bota Bota has several vacancies to fill and our recovery is slowed down by a lack of workers. If you are interested in joining a dynamic and growing team, if you want to go far without leaving the port while helping the city relax, send us your application. And if someone you know fits the description, spread the word!

As we head into our 11th year, I’m proud to think that a dozen people have been with us since the very beginning or so (David, Myriam, Natalie, Ariane, Raymond, Robin, Francine, Etienne, Krysia, Armando, Elisabeth, Alain, Thomas, Cynthia…). For me, this is a great sign of recognition, an indication that our family business knows how to take care of its team, just as it takes care of its customers. At Bota Bota, every person counts.

The Start of the New School Year, Synonymous With New Beginnings!

The start of the school year is behind us, a stress factor for some, or a relief for others, it is undeniably an emotional event that interrupts the beautiful summer days. For the second year, the youngest among us return to school during a pandemic. While we would have all bet on the end of this a long time ago, discussions center around new waves, masks, and variants.

Through this crisis, the crew of the Bota Bota will have shown resilience, each sailor well anchored in our mission: With our heart and our originality, to offer each passenger with a perfect downtime. For us, time has not stood still, and for me, it is a great joy to bring back our Pirates Layover as of September 17. Through our water circuit and activities planned for the event (yoga awareness class and introduction to massage therapy), it is an opportunity to help young people discover the benefits that a healthy lifestyle can have on physical and mental health: stress reduction, relaxation and letting go, disconnecting from screens. We invite you to share this moment with your children between the ages of 12 and 17 at these monthly events.

In addition, by popular demand, we are offering you a new package, the Foremast Package, to simplify the booking of your day on board. Previously only offered à la carte, this new package includes the water circuit, a massage and a 3-course meal, and will ensure you 5 hours of relaxation and enchantment on board Bota Bota.

Until our next edition, I hope you enjoy each of your days, whether they are sunny or grey. I leave you with a challenge, that of integrating into each day a moment without a screen, which will guide you towards well-being, one small gesture at a time.

See you soon,

Geneviève Emond