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Skincare for men

On this Father’s Day, what could be better than to pamper Dad? Our Chief Beautician Marie P., offers you her advice, in order to give a glowing skin, of the face and body, to the one celebrated today.

For normal skin :

“For starters, cleaning is a must. Babor’s cleansing foam will refresh the skin. For a 2 in 1 step, this exfoliating cleansing mask will exfoliate the skin and thoroughly cleanse your epidermis. Finally, the step of hydration with the Babor Ultimate Repair gel-cream helps renew cells.”

For dry, sensitive and mature skin :

“To cleanse the skin, I suggest this cleasing milk, it is very soft and will remove the sensation of tightness. To exfoliate, this gentle peeling is ideal for sensitive skin, used twice a week. To restore balance to your skin, use the revitalizing mask. Finally, the energizing anti-wrinkle facial & eye energizer is perfect for very sensitive skin.”

For combination and oily skin :

“Clean your face with Babor’s cleansing foam. Afterwards, I suggest the exfoliating cleansing mask at least twice a week to reduce the appearance of shine and mattify the skin. For an even more optimal effect, use the Babor purifying mask, once a week for combination skin and twice for oily skin. Finally, the Ultimate Repair gel-cream will balance the skin’s hydration.”

Shaving :

“A man’s skin is often put to the test with daily shaving. To prevent burning sensations and redness, the Babor after-shave is a great product. With its ingredients like wheat protein and seaweed extracts, it will calm and moisturize your face.”

The benefits of a scrub for men :

“A body scrub once a week is useful to activate blood circulation, eliminate dead cells and tone the skin. The rotation movement on the skin also has a draining effect that soothes the feeling of heavy legs for people who make water retention. Also, before exposure to the sun, exfoliation helps to have a more uniform tan.

It is recommended to get a professional body scrub done once every 3 months to get a better activation of the blood circulation. The grains contained in the institute and sp exfoliants are often larger than those used at home. In addition, the esthetician can also exfoliate areas that are more difficult to reach at home, such as the back, the back of the arms and legs.”

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