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3 treatments to embrace springtime

Flowers are blooming on our doorstep and the grass and its many shades of green give us a taste of beautiful days ahead. Gently, life resumes to the rhythm of songs hummed by birds. Spring is here, more vibrant than ever. This season, though sometimes capricious, is synonymous of rebirth, second skin. You’ve heard of spring cleaning, right? It is just as important to do it inside your home as it is to do it in your body and mind. Purify yourself and bring in the sun you’ve been waiting for. It’s hiding right before this small cloud; do you see it?

An Escape body treatment

The Escape treatment by Babor is a series of body treatments that will nourish your body in stillness. These treatments include an exfoliation, body wrap, head and little neck massage.
This escapade is equally olfactory, since a perfume of your choice accompanies you through these 60 minutes dedicated to your well-being.

– Energizing: A tangerine and lime aroma. Invigorates the body, stimulates and refreshes the senses.
– Balancing: A warm and woody fragrance. Balances the skin and makes it soft and supple, as well as strengthens and protects the skin from external aggressors.
– Relaxing: A calming lavender scent. This treatment helps eliminate stress and calms the skin for a more uniform and smooth appearance.

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A Southern Star facial treatment

The Eminence range cares for your face with monoi, bamboo and coconut. A sweet reminder of warmer days and calming sensations, this treatment, first designed for more mature skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles while increasing the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
Feel simply refreshed.

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Nail art manicure

Wearing intense colors isn’t on your radar yet? The best way to express yourself without committing too much is with your nails!

We are giving you the opportunity to create minimalist or bold and colorful designs. Do not forget come with examples and ideas, so our beauticians show you their greatest creative potential!

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