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What is a Swedish massage?

Considered a “Classic” massage, the Swedish massage aims to energize and dissolve tension while offering a toning and relaxing effect. Our massage therapist, Lisandre Martin, its origins and benefits.

The origins

Created in the 19th century by Dutch physician Johann Georg Mezger, the Swedish massage is above all a technique that serves to repair the body of muscular tension and chronic pain. It is composed of five distinct stages, classifying it as therapeutic massage: effleurage, kneading, friction, tapping, vibration.

A lover of gymnastics, Mezger is also very talented in the field of physiology. That is part of the reason why he joined the University of Leiden to study medicine. During his studies, he had the opportunity to perform friction methods on some patients. As alternative medicine techniques, they later served as a basis for the creation of Swedish massage.

Thanks to his advanced knowledge of massage therapy, he develops the Swedish massage as we know it today.

The body in motion

Although the Swedish massage belongs to the category of classical massages, it has a certain complexity. “It is a technique where the body is constantly moving. We work all of the muscle mass, from the origin to the attachment of the muscle.”, explains Lisandre, Bota Bota massage therapist since 2013.

It can be understood as a “basic” massage, on which various movements are applied, according to the needs of the client. Listening is very important, “we have our technique, but the most important thing is listening to the body.” A particular region could thus be prioritized in order to bring greater relief to a particular tension. “There is the technique but especially the energy and intention that will be applied in a massage. Every gesture is different. “

Similar to a huge wave, the gestures of this massage technique help to improve blood circulation. “Effleurage, kneading and drainage are 3 very important steps to follow in order to clean muscle mass.” To ease tension, the muscles are warmed so they can stretch and relax.

Happiness and massage therapy

“My career goal was to work at Bota Bota,” says Lisandre. Coming from the world of advertising, she decided 6 years ago to make a drastic career change. “I was the bearer of bad news,” a role she no longer wished to endorse.

The spa-sur-l’eau meets her expectations today, as it did on her first day. “I just wanted to bring happiness, to ease the worries of others.” A cerebral profession, massage therapy also requires a lot of sensitivity, a quality of which Lisandre, whose personality is luminous, does not seem to lack of. “Sometimes I feel the energy in a cabin. I see when something happens in the body; it’s the energy that I feel. It is very beautiful.”

“Today, people do not take the time, even when they want to relax,” she laments before noting, however, a marked improvement in the assimilation of well-being in the collective social consciousness. “People are getting massages more often. My nephews and nieces do group meditation. “

Lisandre’s gestures are wide, like the glittering rays she spreads around her. The happiness she wanted to give out to the world, she holds it in the palm of her hands which massage every week a variety of customers. “My role is to show them that we can give them love and warmth. “