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Reiki Yoga

From March to December, Bota Bota and Studio Corpus will be pleased to offer Reiki Yoga classes during Yoga Brunch events. A look into the practice with Maya, Reiki Yoga instructor.

Maya’s voice escapes like a cloud from the phone I’m holding, tucked between my ear and shoulder. “My family introduced me to Reiki Yoga,” she explains. Her grandfather, who passed away a year ago, was a very spiritual man. Of Hindu faith, he practiced yoga daily, a habit which was passed on to his own daughter, “When I was little, I accompanied my mother to her classes.” As a former dancer, Maya evokes a constant desire to be present in her body, “I always needed to feel connected to it”.

Reiki Yoga is in essence a type of yoga from Japan that focuses on energy healing, combined with meditation. “It’s the practice of drawing upon a pure harmonious source of energy and passing it along. I see myself as a sort of conduit.” This energy transfer can occur through touch or simple proximity and intention, completely silently. Reiki is thus mainly done during Shavasana, the final resting posture. “The body is then very receptive to receiving Reiki,” Maya explains.

During Yoga Brunch events, crystals are distributed to participants to complete the practice. “Yoga is about transformation. Reiki is about surrendering and allowing for our innate growth to occur. These crystals are extra tools that can help with those two aspects of the class,” Maya points out. With her soft voice, she establishes an astonishingly simple metaphorical correlation between the use of crystals and yoga, “crystals are made underground, but once they are cracked, they shine bright”. It is about opening yourself up to receive the light that brings out transformation and growth.

Reiki, in Japanese, indicates the concept of eternal light and yoga is often described as a tool that leads to enlightenment. “The first time I received Reiki I remember feeling infinite, as if everything was possible,” recalls Maya. Aware that this practice may be a bit strange to grasp, she invites us to still try it out. “You have nothing to lose,” she adds with an audible smile.

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