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Beat Jet Lag at the Spa

Travelling is a beloved pastime, whether it’s for leisure, business, or to reconnect with loved ones across the globe. But there’s a slightly less beloved side effect to hopping time zones: jet lag. It can bring about fatigue, insomnia, disorientation, and a general feeling of discomfort, putting a dampener on your trip or making your return home a weary affair. 

But what if you could mitigate these effects with a simple and enjoyable method? 

The Scandinavian wellness philosophy of “hot-cold-relax” is a highly effective approach to acclimate your body to a new time zone. This method is designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance physical well-being. 

Your journey begins in a hot sauna or steam room to open your pores and stimulate circulation. Next, you quickly plunge into cold water, shocking your system to tighten your pores and kick-start your heart rate. Lastly, you relax in a warm environment, allowing your body to return to normal. This cycle can be repeated multiple times. 

This routine helps improve blood flow, boost the immune system, and—crucially for jet-lagged travellers—promote better sleep. Your body temperature plays a significant role in regulating your sleep cycle, so by resetting it using this routine, you’re essentially re-syncing your internal clock to local time. 

And what better place to fight jet lag than with a view of the St. Lawrence River, the Montreal skyline, and the historic Old Port? 

Massages and treatments can further help combat jet lag. Our skilled therapists are well-versed in techniques that improve circulation, reduce stress, and promote sleep, ensuring your jet lag recovery is as relaxing as possible. 

On a more personal note, I used a mobile app to help manage my jet lag during my recent trip to Africa. By entering the details of my flights, the app suggested a routine for sleep, light exposure, caffeine consumption and melatonine intake before my departure and upon my arrival. Same for the return trip. Some apps like Gowwiz even offer to adjust your medication routine, which is very convenient for people like me who suffer from a chronic disease.

So pack your bags, don’t forget your swimsuit and sandals, and remember to leave space for wellness. A visit to Bota Bota might be just the ticket to get you back on your feet. 

Here’s to happy travels and blissful arrivals! 

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