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Men and Self-Care

I’m talking about a time that the ones under 20 don’t know…. That of the 2000’s, internet’s first steps, the first reality TV shows and the appearance of smartphones. In twenty years, men have also had makeovers, several times. From metrosexual coquetry to the revenge of facial hair: a look back at two decades of evolution.

In the beginning, men are like other women

The start of the 21st century marks the emergence of a touch of femininity in a world of testosterone. The metrosexual becomes the archetype of the young city dweller who does not hesitate to appropriate gay codes or feminine connotations. Beauty treatments, massages and other depilations, until now reserved for Madame, find a new clientele with Monsieur. Gone are the days men with neglected looks, indifferent to their appearance. Icon of the genre in his day, David Beckham wears eccentric haute couture clothes, nail polish and even trendy skirts as soon as he leaves the stadiums. All without losing his sex appeal with women.

When marketing steps in

Men’s beauty sector experienced tremendous growth at the turn of the century, with a double-digit increase until the 2010s in industrialized countries. Unheard of, leading major brands to make greater use of the men’s segment. With a saturated feminine market, “men are dream customers” exclaim the marketing decision-makers of the time.

The revenge of facial hair

After a decade of struggle, the ubersexual finally comes to terms with hair. Ubersexual is the evolution of metrosexual. Always very integrated in his time, he assumes his hairiness with an irresistible dandy style. George Clooney and Patrick Dempsey flaunt their salt and pepper tonsure, and even the beardless Brad Pitt grows one. But as it grows and conquers these gentlemen, the beard gives birth to the lumbersexual, an even stronger reply to waxing. The lumbersexual can be recognized by his fleece shirt, his worker-style boots and thick jeans. And we must not forget hair, because the lumbersexual takes it on everywhere, from his beard all the way down to his legs! Let’s add to that long hours of training at the gym, because a handsome, well-built lumberjack is really nice to look at. A Quebecer as a model for the lumbersexual? Perhaps!

The boom of male-grooming

To be the perfect modern lumberjack, even with a relaxed look, maintenance is essential. Going to the barber for beard trims and regular haircuts is a must. Before the 2010s, the range of beard grooming products was virtually non-existent in stores. Today, they account for a quarter of men’s face care sales. They are even the ones driving growth: beard care sales are steadily increasing while that of “classic” products (moisturizers, cleansing gels and exfoliators) stagnates. In this quest for well-being and pampering, men, like women, tend to favor healthy and natural products. Better informed through the Internet and social networks, these gentlemen are demanding in their choices and ask for a customer experience based on personalization and transparency in the manufacturing processes of the products they use on a daily basis.

The democratization of well-being for men, without prejudice

Now devoid of complexes about their coquetry, all men, even the youngest, are interested in their well-being and their appearance. Individuals from new generations (late-Z, early-Y), constitute the most important target for cosmetic brands. This goes hand in hand with the development of a society where social networks cultivate ego, and where appearance takes a considerable place in the consumption choices of the youngest. Men have not finished emancipating themselves, fashion and technology are not done upsetting stereotypes, for the great pleasure of Gentlemen and Ladies alike! Discover our treatments for men here