December / Wellness step #14: Move | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

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Wellness step #14: Move

Routine, that monotonous friend which often prevents us from opening our wings. Although it allows us some day-to-day efficiency, it is important to give yourself a chance to deviate a bit. Our 14th wellness step of the month invites you to move. Whether it’s for a few minutes or hours, movement will help you get a breath of fresh air for a better state of mind.


Metro, work, sleep. This famous hymn that, like a drum, punctuates our days. Sitting in front of our screen, it is difficult to imagine taking off for a few moments to do something that would be considered unproductive. Walking… what an idea!

However, walking for a few minutes between several long intensive work sessions allows us to release the pressure and offer us a moment of calm and quick mediation.


Although this particular movement is relegated to weekends, why not do it at home? Your body may be a bit sleepy after being static for a whole day. It’s just about changing into more comfortable clothes and putting on your favorite song. A few dance steps and you start feeling refreshed. We promise, you’ll sleep like a baby!


Bota Bota promises you a relaxing stay on the banks of the city. No need to drive for hours to find calm and serenity. A few minutes from the metro, you are welcomed in a crew of incredible people, ready for a soothing adventure. When returning from your layover, it is floating on a small cloud that you will continue your day or finish your evening. After all, who said that moving had to be done with your feet on the ground?