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A Word from the Captain – March 2013

It seems like the only purpose of the first part of spring is to get on our nerves! It’s like winter also wants to enjoy spring, making itself at home in this season as if it were a cat stretching and clinging onto that moment of pure bliss.

As the days grow longer and the snow melts ever so slowly, I can’t help but feel restless. While the ice covering the Saint-Lawrence River persists, the BIRCHGLEN ship, which spent winter by our side, is getting ready to leave for its summer journeys. I have only one idea in mind, and it’s to board that ship.

As we celebrate the arrival of spring, we are happy to offer you an issue of The Porthole focused entirely on travelling. Make the most of your trips thanks to our experience and that of our special collaborators, and use our tips and ideas to better prepare yourself, whether you’re leaving for far-away countries, visiting your own city, or embarking on a spiritual journey.

In this edition:

Bon voyage!

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