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5 unusual spas from every corner of the world

By Marie-Julie Gagnon

Some spas spark our curiosity not because of their reputation, but because they provide cares treatments that are not necessarily relaxing.

1- Krasnoyarsk, Russia
In Korea, the current trend is a moisturizer made of… snail mucus. The idea to make beauty products out of it apparently comes from Chile, back in 2006, when farmers noticed that their skin became smoother after handling snails they were farming. Naturally rich in glycolic acid and elastin, it is said that the secretion of the gastropods reduces the signs of aging. Nothing new, actually: Hippocrates often prescribed his patients a milk and snail-based mixture to treat skin rashes. Today, a Russian spa has made it its trademark.

2- Barak Ada, Israel
Snakes give you the shivers? You should know that they have had the opposite effect on many fans of their wave motions ever since the dawn of time. A spa in the north of Israel has decided to use them as “accessories” to massage their clients who, supposedly, love it. Yes, we’re a long way from hot stones…

3- Beer Wellness Land, Czech Republic

Marinating in hop? This is the experience offered by a family micro-brewery in the Czech Republic. In addition to relaxing with a pint of beer in one hand, the fans enjoy the regenerative qualities of beer to which herbs were added.

4- Dans le noir, Paris
We knew about restaurants in the dark, but what about a spa following the same concept? This is what this Parisian business offers, where all the practitioners are blind. The website advertises “a unique tactile, sensory, and human experience”. In the City of Light, there is also a spa that offers massages with fruits and vegetables (Rituel des sens), and another one that provides care under champagne affusions (L’Espace Aquathermes).

5- Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hot Springs Amusement Park and Spa Resort, Japan
Do tea or honey wrappings seem unusual? Small potatoes, compared to the cares treatments offered by this place, which looks more like an amusement park than a spa. Located about three hours away from Narita airport in Japan, Hakone Kowakien has several Turkish and Roman baths, but also sake, green tea, coffee, and red wine baths as well as… water slides.

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