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Grilled Bananas & Pecans Recipe

Many of us have been waiting impatiently for the start of summer, and more specifically for the start of BBQ season! How many foodies are just rarin’ to get that charcoal just right and seeing the flames lick at their favourite cut of meat?

But meat isn’t the only thing you can prepare on the BBQ! Sure, juicy marinated beef and spicy burgers are perfect for an evening on the deck. But why not try something new on your grill this summer?
Like this recipe for grilled bananas & pecans:

• 10 mini-bananas or 8 regular bananas
• 250 ml brown sugar
• 5 ml ground cinnamon
• 5 ml ground cloves
• 1 whole nutmeg
• 240 maple syrup
• 125 ml butter
• 250 ml pecans, lightly crumbled
• 240 ml brown rum (optional)

• Slice bananas in two lengthwise, keeping the skin on
• Place bananas on a serving dish with flesh facing upwards
• Mix together the brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg
• Brush bananas with maple syrup and sprinkle with sugar & spices mixture
• Preheat BBQ to high
• When BBQ is hot, oil the grill
• Put bananas on grill with flesh facing down
• Grill until sugar caramelizes
• Turn the bananas and cook until the skin rolls back
• Remove bananas and place on serving dish
• Melt butter in a skillet
• Add pecans and fry them in the melted butter
• Pour fried pecans and butter on the bananas
• Heat up the rum in a saucepan, but not too much
• Using a long match, flambé the rum
• Pour the rum on the bananas and serve immediately
Source: Recettes BBQ (Zeste).

BBQ-lovers will be happy to learn that Bota Bota will be organizing several grilling sessions during the summer, every week from Wednesday to Friday, starting at 4 pm. We hope you’ll come and satisfy your barbecue cravings on our floating terrace.

See you there!