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Gourmet Getaway : The Crew’s Choices

Once in a while, after we’ve enjoyed every single dish served by our floating Auberge Saint-Gabriel brigade, we go out and explore restaurants all over Montreal, and we must admit we are spoiled by the amount of talent and flair to be found on the island!

Here, for you, our list of favorites.

Seafarers must always be ready for a big day, so when it comes to brunch, we sure know a thing or two!

Maison Christian Faure: Who would have guessed that the best of France is actually in Old Montreal? Delicious traditional pastries, served in an elegant and friendly setting. Their croissants are definitely as good as they get in Montreal!

Chipotle et Jalapeño This authentic Mexican restaurant offers a tasty and original breakfast. Try the house specialty, the chilaquiles verdes (tortilla chips, chicken, queso fresco, fried egg, and a perfectly balanced salsa verde) and you’ll feel like you’ve just travelled to Mexico!

There’s one way to go this summer: street food. Don’t miss the lobster rolls from MuvBox, a vegan falafel sandwich from La Panthère Verte, or a foie gras poutine by Camion au Pied de Cochon. Or, if you prefer lunching on the water, have a look at this video from last summer (in French, click here).

Sailors know how to have fun, and a good evening should always start with a memorable dinner.

Inferno : At the heart of Little Italy, a lively Italian restaurant owned and managed by a passionate team offers an inspired and generous cuisine. Plates are as tasteful as they are original, and are served as if you were surrounded by friends. Add to this a great wine list, expert advice, and maybe a little grappa at the end, and you should probably plan to take a cab home, just to be safe!

Racines : We just love the superb design, the great service, and the fact that the menu is presented in small plates, so that you can have a taste of everything. This McGill street restaurant has been around for less than a year, but the quality it offers has made it a must for food lovers.

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss these two:

Cacao 70 : Long opening hours and welcoming service, this place is a chocolate lover’s dream. Choosing from their decadent list is never easy – how does one pick between caramelized banana waffles, peanut butter and chocolate fondue, and dark chocolate milkshake?

Rustique : How does this sound: pies better than those your grandmother used to bake? Our favorite: the key lime pie. Grab one before your next meal at your in-laws: if they don’t love you already, they will then!

Taking a stroll on a summer day?

Café Vito in the Old Port brings fabulous coffee to the neighborhood. The new kid in town quickly became our fave morning stop!

La Catrina : These paletas (Mexican popsicles) come in spectacular flavors. What’s your pop-style: avocado + coconut + lime, or roasted banana + dulce de leche + Oreo? They are available around Lachine Canal, at restaurant Maïs (www.restaurantmais.com), and soon on Bota Bota’s floating terrace!

Bon appétit,
The Bota Bota Crew!