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David’s Tea presents its summer teas

There is nothing better than a nice cup of iced tea to cool down during a heat wave. We are offering a selection of three teas from DAVIDsTEA for you to savour on ice in order to feel refreshed, keep hydrated, and stock up on antioxidants all summer round.

Summer activities are entirely your cup of tea and you’re the kind of person who always suggests holding business meetings outside in the sun? You dream of travelling to a tropical island to relax and appreciate the soothing sound of waves? The Tropicalia tea brings the tropics into your home. All the typical tropical flavours are there: pineapple, coconut, and little sugar hearts. Available at Bota Bota, to be enjoyed in the sun!

Mango Fruit Punch.

On a terrace, in transit, or after a treatment at Bota Bota, drinking a nice cup of iced punch is the best way to freshen up. On ice, the Mango Fruit Punch tea will punch up any pool party, picnic, or barbecue. With such sweet flavours of pineapple, mango, tangerine, orange, and strawberry, no need to travel the world to have a taste of exotic.

Coconut grove.
Few aromas convey the feeling of vacation quite like coconut. The Coconut Grove tea combines the famous flavour of coconut and premium Bai Mu Dan (a naturally sweet white tea from Fujian province in China). The enchanting sound of waves, the quietness of Bota Bota, and a cup of Coconut Grove tea: a guarantee for the most relaxing journey.

With this choice of iced teas, you can rest assured that the summer will be fresh, and full of sun and fun.

Enjoy your holidays!

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