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4 coffees for 4 personalities

The Tommy Café is nestled at the corner of Notre Dame Street and St. Francis Xavier Street. It is a small haven of peace, where plants spring from the ceiling in long cascades, giving you an impression of nature and freshness all year long. It’s the ideal place where you can enjoy a hot drink after a day spent in the Old Port, with morning at Bota Bota and an afternoon walking around the beautiful old streets of the neighbourhood.

In order to find the hot drink that best suits your personality, we have chosen our top 4 of those that make Tommy Cafe the perfect place for everyone.

CHAI LATTE – For the curious one

Ingredients :

  • Chaï syrup
  • Hot milk
  • Cinnamon

You like simple things, but with a touch of unexpected. Although your comfort zone is never far away, you’ll never hesitate to embark on adventures because after all, life is worth living! The 4 hands massage is the massage you need, to completely disconnect. Let yourself be carried away by the long, fluid movements inspired by Californian massage which will transport you, as two massage therapists work in harmony to create a moment of exceptional relaxation.

MATCHA LATTE – For the relaxed one

Ingredients :

  • Green tea powder
  • Maple syrup
  • Hot milk
  • Flower petals

Health and relaxation speak to you? Are you more likely to do extensive research on the benefits of the water circuit and are you curious to test new experiences? Good! We have something to satisfy you at Bota Bota. To fully enjoy the spa, we suggest a Journey water circuit to get a deep understanding of our facilities. Do not hesitate to test the water of the river as a cold bath… guaranteed success!

CAFE LATTE – For the one with a sweet tooth

Ingredients :

  • Double Espresso
  • Hot milk
  • Vanilla

You are well known for your sweet tooth, whether it be at the restaurant or a quick snack, you’re all about having something savoury. What if we old you that instead of eating something sweet, you could have it all over your body, would that tempt you? Our Immersion Indulgence body treatment is the treat you’ve been longing for. Between a cranberry and apple-pomegranate scrub and a chocolate truffle wrap, all your senses will be longing for more!

CUBANO – For the one in a rush

Ingredients :

  • Condensed milk
  • Double espresso
  • Foamed hot milk

You do not have time to have time. For you, everything is about efficient speed and we can not blame you! You live life to its fullest, and that’s how you like it. An Express manicure is exactly what you need, between two winter activities. In 30 minutes, you’ll have perfect looking nails and a colour that perfectly matches your wardrobe. You are ready to continue your day without a hitch!

So, which personality are you?

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