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The wintertime effects on your skin


Winter can be harsh. Your skin needs special care.

Cold. Wind. Dry, heated buildings. These are just a few of the unforgiving seasonal influences that can take their toll on your skin, and this year Mother Nature has certainly demonstrated what she’s capable of with sub-zero temperatures and icy conditions.

Your skin condition can be affected by weather, stress factors and your lifestyle. The warm air inside our homes, which serve as our escape from the cold, can lead to extremely dry, dehydrated skin. It is widely known that skin loses its water content in warm, dry air and this can be amplified by furnaces, which can make the skin dull dry and itchy. Take comfort in knowing that there are products and spa services that can immediately pamper winter weary skin, providing results you can see and feel in an instant.

Baborganic from BABOR stands for the purity and authenticity of the Alps, a geographic area that is certainly no stranger to extreme weather. The collection of products and spa services available at Bota Bota are inspired by nature and feature formulations totally free of colorants, synthetic fragrances, paraffins, PEGs, radiated ingredients or genetically modified substances, so you and your stressed out, wintertime skin will be immediately soothed, refreshed and rebalanced.

Are you and your skin tired of battling the elements and the cold? Treat yourself today to a relaxing and rejuvenating baborganic facial service. Want to extend the benefits of your service? Ask our esthetician which baborganic retail products best suit your winter weary skin.

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