The massage workshop & the Pirate’s spring break

It is almost time for spring break, almost time for that one week you children have been waiting for.

While the many planned activities require energy and patience, Bota Bota has got you covered, from March 4th to 8th, with the opportunity to breathe and finally take time for you and your children.

From 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, during these 5 days, a multitude of activities are available to you, to educate you in the field of relaxation. You will be able to transmit healthy habits to your children by offering them the experience of the water circuit, including, if desired, several free workshops.

The free 45 minute massage initiation workshop is an opportunity for your little sailors to learn different massage techniques while practicing on their parent.

Several maneuvers all over the body will be taught. Here is a small overview of what will be done.


The massage therapist teaches children the importance of draping, in order to show the back correctly while keeping the buttocks and other parts of the body covered.

Then the effleurage, which is practiced on the desired back area with massage gel, is followed by a downward pressure of the muscles along the spine and finally, a maneuver which uses rotation on the muscle, ending with a drainage.


As with the back massage, the importance of draping is taught, before starting the exercise. Effleurage along the leg is done first, followed by a pressure-torsion of the thigh to the ankle, a massage of the malleolus and finally, a foot massage.


This exercise begins with an effleurage of the pectoral, then, the massage therapist invites to pull the neck into the occiput (bone at the origin of the skull). For complete relaxation, it all ends with a massage of the scalp and temples.

This workshop is not only good on the spot, but the best thing about it is that you can reuse these techniques at home! No more excuses for not being relaxed, your kids are talented!

Spots available on site and by phone at 514-284-0333.