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When tourism acts for the planet

“Reducing our ecological footprint” is a good resolution often cited to start the new year. It can be found in various forms: recycle more, reduce water or electricity consumption, consume less and better… While our society devotes a cult to consumption and speed, why not swim against the current and slow down? 

To consume better and pollute less, we can start by rethinking our tourism activities. Discover the tourist services that have taken the plunge and opted for ecological approaches. 


What a pleasure it is to spend a weekend in a chalet when the snow is falling and the cold is setting in. What if you opted for an environmentally friendly cottage?  Many ecotourism cottages are emerging in Quebec. 

Just 1 hour from Montreal, you will find the BESIDE cottages. Anchored in the heart of a century-old forest, they give the impression of living both inside and outside. A real invitation to reconnect with your loved ones as well as with nature.

If you love tiny houses and dream of waking up in the heart of nature, we suggest micro-cottages located in the Lower St. Lawrence. Rejuvenate in a cocoon made from local materials, with a design that minimizes energy costs.

In the Laurentians, discover an immersive experience in the heart of the forest. Stay in one of the environmentally friendly cabins called Cabana https://kayak-cabana.com/ca/wood-cabin-cabana/. 

Perch in the trees and enjoy a dreamy night’s sleep in a modern cabin. Surrounded by a nature reserve (Lac Brais) and a provincial park (Mont Orford), observe the environment up close.


Bota Bota is committed to ecology in different ways. We wish to offer well-being not only through relaxation but also through what surrounds us, working to limit our impact on the planet.Did you know that one newsletter is equivalent to 10 grams of C02 emitted? Digital technology is also a pollutant! This explains why we limit our emailing campaigns. 

We transform the energy produced by the current of the St. Lawrence River for our heaters. Thanks to this energy, 4 to 6 months a year, we don’t use other appliances to temper our spaces. 

All the exterior lights of the garden and the boat are lit with LED bulbs, which have a low energy consumption.

The purchase of plastic water bottles is no longer possible at Bota Bota. We invite you to bring your own reusable water bottle. Water stations are located at many points on the boat for you to refill them at.  

You will find in all our showers, shampoo, shower gel and conditioner from Nettoyant Lemieux, a Quebec family-owned business that manufactures 100% ecological and Ecotechnology certified products.

For all of our beauty products, we use the Eminence and Babor. This first brand is committed to the planet.or every product purchased, a tree is planted. Babor is also a brand that focuses on sustainability since it is climate neutral and uses clean ingredients. 


Fortunately, solutions have been put in place to limit the impact of these activities. 

If you want to turn to greener activities, you can be tempted by participatory tourism. To combine a walk, a meeting and a good deed, take part in a waste collection in natural areas thanks to clean-up operations. Find those organised in Montreal here.

We also advise you to choose local activities. Get away from what you already know, opt for snow biking with fat bikes or hiking. You can find many ideas for activities here: https://www.aventurequebec.ca/en/ecotourism

You can also get some height and clear your mind by going up Mount Royal on snowshoes or cross-country skis. 

Finally, you can choose an activity that is definitely pollution-free and also offers a moment of 100% relaxation by listening to the Bota Bota Meditative Imagery podcasts.