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What are the benefits of the sauna?

First stop of the water circuit aboard the Bota Bota: the sauna, for 10 to 15 minutes. As the main source of heat on board, it prepares your body for the layover it will embark on, during its stay with us. It holds many benefits and will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Activation of the cardiovascular system and stimulation of the immune system

Depending on the type of sauna, the temperature may vary, but it will bring you the same benefits.

The cardiovascular system is primarily concerned when entering the sauna. The blood circulation is boosted and the blood pressure is kept low.

In addition, the heat of the sauna creates an artificial fever and thus allows the stimulation of the immune system. Visiting a sauna on a regular basis allows for increased stimulation, giving you better chances to fight colds and potential infections.

Relaxation and purification

The extreme sweating caused by the dilation of the pores of the skin is a healthy and easy way to eliminate toxins, whether in the body or on it, especially on the skin. The process of purification by dilating the pores of the skin helps the body to secrete endorphins, which helps with relaxation. Your sleep will also be much better after a session in our saunas.

The essential oils of the Bota Bota saunas

At Bota Bota, four saunas are at your disposal, to discover on the boat and in the gardens. With a breathtaking view of Montreal, natural materials and the smell of varied essential oils, the first hot stage of the water circuit can be experienced in different ways, according to your desires.

We are proud to offer you 4 saunas with distinct essential oils, to help you spend a moment of pure relaxation.

Garden sauna: Lavender

– This essential oil is known for its soothing and effective virtues for the relief of headaches. It can also reduce blood pressure and your heart rate. A perfect way to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

City sauna & Sauna on the water: Balsam fir

– This energizing and invigorating essential oil has the power to stimulate your immune system.

River Sauna: Bergamot

– This soothing essential oil is beneficial for muscle tension: it soothes spasms and muscle contractions related to stress.

A stop in the sauna, between 10 to 15 minutes, is the first step of our water circuit. In order to fully benefit from the water circuit, we suggest doing so at least three times in a row.