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New : The water circuit through guided meditation

In April 2020, Bota Bota launched itself into the world of guided meditation, through its Meditative Imagery, available as a podcast. From the comfort of your home, a world of relaxation was available to you in uncertain times. Today, the spa is unveiling a 2.0 version of this initiative.

The River sauna leads the way

This time available on board, these meditations add an unexpected layer of relaxation to your stay. The evolution of this project is anchored in the need and importance of observing the water circuit in its entirety. Its steps are necessary for the complete achievement of a feeling of general well-being. They are undoubtedly less effective if done only halfway or the wrong way.

The River sauna on the Boardwalk deck is one of the many ideal places to start the water circuit. It is where the first chapter of the meditative experience takes place. 15 to 20 minutes in a sauna can seem very long to passengers who are not used to it. Meditation thus serves as a guide, to help you appreciate the hot stage at its true value. The voices that will guide you throughout this experience are those of Vanessa DL, author and yoga teacher, Sébastien Zappa, trainer in conscious breathing and cold exposure, and Jessica Mong, massage therapist at Bota Bota. Stress management, scientific support and stretching, these three available meditations offer you a variety of horizons, depending on the voice associated with them.

The necessary cold interlude

Following the 15 minutes in the sauna, the cold bath stage marks, among a multitude of benefits, the transition to pronounced adrenaline production. Necessary to produce endorphins during the last stage, the cold bath (or cold showers) inhabits the final discourse of the meditations in the sauna. To apprehend it correctly, Vanessa, Sébastien and Jessica offer a caring and informative perspective on this second chapter, which some passengers observe hesitantly.

The meditative stopover

The new meditation room on the 3rd deck hosts the final portion of this meditative experience. This is how, nestled in its half-moon bench, you will be able to appreciate the soothing voices of Vanessa and Jessica in a unique sensory journey. Let the combination of the last two steps act on your body and absorb the emotions that come to you. Relaxation is a dish best served hot. 

Guided meditations begin every 30 minutes at the River sauna, and are available in French and English.