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Employee portrait: Michelle L.F

This portrait is part of a series produced each month, to celebrate the plurality and inclusion that Bota Bota wishes to continue promoting.

“I put jeans on for this interview! I was so excited!”, admits Michelle L. F., hospitality and reservations agent at Bota Bota for 3 years. Over the phone, her enthusiasm and humour are palpable.

Originally from the Lower North Shore of Quebec, Michelle grew up in a small town until she was 17. “Because we were isolated, we didn’t have a lot of art classes. It was in English class that I learned about theater.” Since there were no drama classes, Michelle found other ways to express herself. “I used to make morning announcements on the school intercom,” she recalls with a laugh.

In 2007, she moved to Montreal and attended Dawson CEGEP. “When you’re 17, you think you’re invincible, that everything’s going to be handed to you.” says Michelle. For her at the time, the path to Los Angeles and her dream career as an actress were straightforward and already mapped out. “Reality hit me hard. My goal at 17 was to be an actress, but now at 30 my goals have changed. I’m not where I thought I would be. “

Today Michelle is looking for herself, preoccupied with her identity as an actress. However, she kindly revisits her past roles. “I was fortunate enough to be an extra in Denis Villeneuve’s movie Arrival. I was a soldier nurse alongside Amy Adams. I realized that my scene had been cut during the editing,” she recalls with a smile in her voice. A somewhat disappointing surprise, but such a rewarding experience for her. “It was really cool to be directed by Denis Villeneuve! Kind of like winning the lottery. “

Her latest play Clean Slate remains a great success. “I always feel rewarded, when people say my acting affected them. The last play I did affected them in so many ways.”

This one tells the story of 6 childhood girlfriends who get together in a chalet. “You realize they’re there for a reason; one of them is terminally ill, so it’s kind of their last hoorah.  At first glance, they’re nothing special, but you gradually realize that they have a lot of depth,” explains Michelle. A very empowering and emotional experience, which earned the team an “Outstanding Ensemble” award at the META (Montreal English Theater Awards) which they can be proud of.

A clean slate is ultimately what Michelle is getting to today. Freeing herself from labels, she is reclaiming her identity, whatever it may be, one laugh at a time.

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