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Employee portrait: David T.

This portrait is part of a series produced each month, to celebrate the plurality and inclusion that Bota Bota wishes to continue promoting.

A native of the South shore, David T., Director of projects, upkeep and maintenance is one of the first employees of Bota Bota with his 10-year career on board. Before joining the Bota Bota family, David pursued an 8-year career in process mechanics, then began studying Electrical Engineering.

“Mr. Émond was looking for someone to finish the construction and work with him”, he says. “I was studying in Montreal at the time and this opportunity was the perfect opportunity to get me back to work. I wanted to finish my studies first and foremost, so I didn’t expect to stay very long then. But the Émond family have always found a way to keep me busy… without ever running out of coffee!”

On the boat, new projects are always in the works and David is happy to be able to participate in their creation. “The Émond family is very creative. The plans to improve the facilities never stop and I’ve never experienced routine in my work, despite my 10 years there! You have to constantly be on the lookout for customer needs and the family does that very well. ” David also enjoys dividing his time between his manual accomplishments and the reflection that these require. A way to participate from start to finish in every project.

Aside the projects on the boat, David pays great attention to his personal projects. “I don’t think I’m surprising anyone by saying that I describe myself as a builder at heart. I am constantly improving my home; I like to take care of it. Right now I’m building a wood-fired sauna using an old-fashioned method… what a surprise!” During the week, as on the weekend, his work tools are at his side. “When one project ends, I find another one to begin. It’s my way of life, it’s my passion!”

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