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A word from the captain – Jan 2015

As 2015 gets under way, I would like to begin by wishing you a happy new year of peaceful contentment and joyful fulfillment in everything you undertake.

If you’re like most people, you spent the holidays overindulging and (over)spending, and thinking about a few resolutions to improve your lifestyle! There’s no use denying it, because we’ve seen a marked increase in those attending our yoga and Pilates classes. There are also a greater number of eager people taking advantage of our special promotional rates for morning and evening classes water circuit access.

And you’re not the only one with resolutions in mind. Some girls on our staff have a 30-day “squat challenge” with a goal of 50 squats on the first day and a growing number each day after that to finish with a total of 250 by month’s end. Whew! And the guys? We’re still waiting for them to take up the challenge.

At Bota Bota, we listen to our customers. So by popular demand, we’ve increased the number of hammocks at your disposal. If you’ve visited us in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed our brand new floating room just off the restaurant. With its eight hammocks, the room can be used for relaxation, or it can easily be converted into a yoga or Pilates studio with turf floor, or even into a reception room for small private events.

Inside this year’s first edition, you’re sure to find something to soothe the soul:
– Let temptation get the better of you with our recipe for quinoa chocolate cake.
– Find out about our special app that allows you to let your better half know what you really want for Valentine’s Day.
– Claudie, our foreign correspondent, invites you to tour the La Perla Spa in San Sebastián, Spain.
– And harpist / massage therapist Anabelle Renzo reveals the creative process behind our signature treatment, the Bota Bota massage, which is choreographed to the rhythm of original music.

May 2015 be the year your most ambitious dreams are realized.