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Wellness step #16: Dream

I dream often. Slipping under my sheets and turning off the light have become actions that mentally prepare me for a brand-new nightly adventure, without leaving the comfort of my own bed. Some envy me: what a gift to be able to live emotional moments without real involvement or commitment! Others get tired just thinking about it, at the mere thought of experiencing another 8 hours of plot twists.

My dreams are the ones that have inspired me to have my head in the clouds. On the subway, at my desk, at the supermarket, on my couch, I sometimes cut myself off from the world for a moment and give way to my wildest thoughts. So much happiness is brought on by imagining, creating in my mind new worlds, new projects, new emotions.

It is thanks to these dreams, to this constant desire to evolve that I have been able throughout this past year, with the help of several collaborators, to write many articles which I hope will have educated you, made you travel and helped you relax. For this last Bota Bota Advent calendar wellness step, I invite you to dream with us. 2020 welcomes us with open arms, with its countless challenges and joys and it’s time to embrace them.

What I often regret when I dream is my lack of initiative. As lucid as the world in which I seem to evolve is, in the depths of the night, I can’t seem to have control of my own actions. I find myself thus, often caught off guard in a situation that could have been much more grandiose. After all, are dreams not places where anything is possible?

So, let’s dream and then act on them. Let’s take control and put ourselves to work to give our future, near and far, the best chances of success. “I like the night, I have clearer ideas in the dark,” said Serge Gainsbourg. Let’s give birth to our dreams in the depths of the night.

Wishing you a very happy new year, I hope that our articles next year will also help you enjoy the great escape docked at the port.