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Travel locally: Aurore Lefèvre, illustrator

As part of our summer campaign this August 2020, we open our eyes, broaden our horizon and offer our imagination a limitless path. Today, Bota Bota delves into illustration, with creations by artist Aurore Lefèvre. An invitation to a colorful world where reality and the imagination come together and mirror each other in a blurred dance. This journey takes place in the mind, your thoughts fly away in a graceful gathering of birds.

Meet the illustrator of this campaign.

Photo credit: Hélène TRAN

Where are you from?

“I am from Brittany, the region in the far west of France. A region where the sea, the rain and the wind punctuate people’s lives. But I love my region!”

How long have you lived in Montreal? What brought you here?

“I arrived with my boyfriend 5 years ago. Our original plan was to live a full year in Canada, crossing the country from east to west. We landed in Montreal, which we loved so much that we never left it!”

How long have you been an illustrator / graphic designer?

“I’ve always done illustration alongside my job as a graphic designer, which I started 11 years ago. I got into illustration 100% a year ago. It was a crazy bet that I absolutely do not regret! “

What made you want to become an illustrator / graphic designer?

“As far back as I can remember, I have always drawn. I never stopped. So when I had to choose what studies I should do, I didn’t even consider anything other than art studies. Nothing else would have motivated me so much.

And what inspires me the most are the people. I watch everyone all the time. The gestures, the attitudes, the expressions, … my goal when I start an illustration is to transcribe as closely as possible what I have in my head. “

What did you like about the Bota Bota illustration project?

“As creatives, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of ‘the target audience’. What I liked about this project was that the target was me. I am exactly the type of person this campaign is targeting. In addition, it had to appeal to people’s imaginations, so it was important to not be too rational and down-to-earth. This kind of brief is a joy to work on! And finally, the Bota Bota is my favorite place in Montreal! It’s a very inspiring place for the creative that I am.”

What does “Local Traveling” mean to you?

“For me, it means getting lost close to home, a few kilometers away, and having an adventure as crazy as if we had gone to the other side of the world! Traveling does not mean “going far”, it means changing your mind, getting away from it all. And it’s much more accessible than you think!”

What is your favorite installation at Bota Bota?
“I love the outdoor baths: the one on the large summer terrace and also the hot bath at the back of the boat which overlooks the entire Old Port. I could spend hours between these 2 places.”

Where can we find your creations?

A final word?

“We should try to be happy, if only to set an example.” – Jacques Prévert

“And a big thank you to Bota Bota and Dada agency for sharing this great project with me.”

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