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Flight over Lysanne Richard’s year

Time, the only unit whose measure we cannot control. Time is the true master, we cannot dictate it, we must follow it. It is stable and constant, it is accurate, to the minute, it doesn’t ask questions, it flies…

Sometimes we’d like to slow it down, trying so hard to fill each of its boxes, that we fall behind.

Often, we live such beautiful, touching, intense moments. Often, we would like to pause them, stay frozen in time, just a little longer.

With every passing second, we’d like to have the chance to go back, some would like to start over again. But time, no matter what we want, continues its own way taking a part of us, our days and years.

Sometimes, we have trouble living at its pace. We try to get ahead, we plan. We forget how much, that one, last second; the very one that just started, when you first read these few words, is already over…

Today, let me take a moment of our present to look back on the past, which you will read about in the near future! What about an hymn to the present sung at the beginning of the new year?

I am a high flying diver. I soar, about twenty meters high, in the void. One of the reasons that drives me to throw myself in the air is the creation of seconds. It is the freedom to fly. It’s my own way, to freeze time. When I fly, I am completely carried away to another dimension, a dimension where time itself is foiled. I am in the air for three to four seconds per dive, but these seconds belong to another code. These three seconds often seem to me much longer and so pleasant. During these three seconds, there is only the wind and me, nothing else.

In my sport, the high-flying dive, each maneuver has its own number, much like years.
The first digit determines the direction of departure.
2018 was clearly a dynamic departure for me. I was thirsty to discover everything the sport was going to show me.
The second number represents the number of rotations that the dive holds.
I get excited and anticipate this number, I’m always eager to take my visual cues to count all the rotations.
There are also numbers to identify the number of turns and letters for the position in the air. We must have everything already planned out before the jump and it is thanks to this clear plan that we are able to appreciate the flight.

2018, I got attached to it, I took advantage of it, I liked it but I also found it difficult. It was sprinkled with downfalls. Several times, I had to roll up my sleeves, continue to work hard. I had to wait a long time for some results that I was ready to welcome long before life put them on my path. But I learned to better appreciate the stages and the challenges, and it is thanks to them that 2018 was memorable for me. 2018 has allowed me to accomplish great things. 2018 has prepared me well for 2019, which I am starting with ambition.

I know where I’m going, I’m well prepared for that. I will continue to defy gravity by dancing in the air and savoring the fall. I will also continue to enjoy my essence, the moments that pump me full of energy and allow me to grow. These moments are those spent with my loved ones. I wish us endless hugs and laughter. I plan to love each of these seconds. My children continue to teach me their wisdom, that the present time is the most important one.

I wish you a year 2019 that will live up to your ambitions. A year motivated by the objectives you give yourself, that dictate your direction. I also hope that 2019 will be surprising, a year in which you will allow yourself to seize the day, to grab on to these small parcels of eternity, when we forget everything and just live in the moment.

To all of you, I wish you sincerely a very Happy New Year.

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