Moscafi | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau


    • If you want to discover or re-discover massage therapy in the comfort of your home
    • If you want to relax in the privacy of your own home with a brand new exclusive wellness experience

Moscafi is the new in-home massage therapy service, by Bota Bota.
The Moscafi crew consists of a Bota Bota attendant dedicated to your comfort and a massage therapist. The attendant recreates the sound and olfactory atmosphere of Bota Bota, while setting up the massage table with care and gentleness.
Already relaxed by the scent of eucalyptus, and relaxing music, the massage can begin …
Therapeutic, Swedish, relaxation… Moscafi offers a wide range of treatments provided by our certified massage therapists.
Once the massage is finished, we continue to take care of you. In a perfectly synchronized ballet, the massage therapist takes his leave while the Bota Bota attendant erases the traces of his passage … You simply keep the memory of an exceptional moment of relaxation!

*This service is also available for two people, massed successively. Reservation of the Moscafi service only by phone at 514-284-0333.

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