Word from the Captain – May 2018 : Mother’s Day | Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau

Word from the Captain

Word from the Captain – May 2018 : Mother’s Day

Spring and Mother’s Day, symbols of an eagerly awaited renewal every year! The long relaxing walk I took with my daughter and friends to discuss quietly in the sun this weekend has me feeling revived. Endless hibernation is finally done.

Over the upcoming months, our crew will also focus on an important mission. That of making Bota Bota better known, not to a new clientele, but rather to our already existing passengers, by focusing on the very essence of our services and our reason to exist. Several projects are in progress to do so: new displays, ongoing trainings for our customer service agents on the benefits of the water circuit, increased presence on site to guide you during your stay. For example, the water circuit experience is now mandatory for our staff, once a month… during their working hours! So, who wants to work at Bota Bota?

Many other ideas are in the works … we hope that you will see the scope of it during your next visit and that you will share your comments and suggestions!

The coming season has a lot to offer, with a host of events not to be missed. Even if its 375th is well behind us, Montreal and its citizens have kept their dynamism alive.

I also invite you to discover our Empress package that includes a 4-hand treatment designed specially for mothers who have the heart on hand and our second informative video that helps you release tension.

I wish you an exceptional end of spring,

Genevieve Emond.